Nature Ed-Ventures

Consider offering an engaging, hands-on Nature Ed-Venture workshop to those in your community. Bring the excitement of nature and science right to your location!

Workshops are 90 minutes in length unless otherwise noted and are designed to accommodate up to 20 per session.


  • BUTTERFLIES & MOTHS – Did you know those beautiful butterflies are insects? Discover interesting facts about these creatures everyone loves and create some beautiful butterfly crafts. We’ll discuss their interesting life cycle, learn the differences between butterflies and moths, how to attract them to your backyard and more. (Ages 5-7)
  • GRAB BAG SCIENCE - Grab a science kit then begin exploring the amazing world of science. We’ll make gooey slime, grow crystals and orbs, “squeeze” an egg into a bottle without breaking it, play with color-changing worms, and shrink your art work. Learn about matter, molecules and their interactions. (Ages 7-11)
  • ANIMAL TRACKS & TRACES – Using an array of animal skulls and skins along with other animal signs such as cuttings, droppings and smells, youth will learn how to identify local animals as well as learn some fascinating facts about them. Each participant will have the opportunity to make a plaster cast of an animal track to take home! (Ages 7 and up)
  • NEW! MAD SCIENTIST LABORATORY – If you like squishy, slippery worms, gooey slime eyeballs, want to learn how to make fake blood, play with outrageous ooze, create a bloody handprint and see how high you can send a fizzing canister, you will want to join us in this creepy science session as we learn about polymers and some new steps in saving the environment. (Ages 7-11)
  • CRAZY SCIENCE CONCOCTIONS - We’ll create a soap drop derby, blow up a balloon in an unusual way, make a bouncing polymer ball, witness a giant soda geyser, and extinguish a candle without blowing on it. We’ll end the session by creating FLOAM – that wonderful slime-like substance with polystyrene beads that you can mold into shapes. Who thought science could be so much fun! (Ages 7-11)
  • WEIRD SCIENCE WONDERS - Time for some balloon science – put a wooden skewer through a balloon without popping it, boil water in a balloon, and discover the secret of the screaming balloon. We’ll challenge ourselves to stack four layers of colored water, build a mini lava tube and make elephant toothpaste. We’ll have an “explosive” good time – all for the sake of science. (Ages 7-11)
  • STREAM & POND ECOLOGY - Students will investigate the stream/pond and discover the adaptations of aquatic insects, ecology and much more as they scoop and study some aquatic wonders. (Ages 8-12)
    (A large pond or stream at the program site is necessary.)

  • ORIENTEERING – Learn basic compass skills and how to find you way if you are lost in the woods. Then put these skills to work by following a course designed to test what you have learned. (Ages 10 and above.)
  • SURVIVAL - You are lost in the woods, it’s raining and darkness is falling. What should you do? Students will exercise their problem solving skills as they learn how to construct a shelter and other basic survival skills. (Ages 8 and above)
  • ROTTING LOG INVESTIGATIONS – Find out what lurks in the cracks and crevices of rotting logs, leaf litter and all the other nooks and crannies of nature as we explore the world “down under.” (Ages 8 and above.)
  • FOREST HABITAT – How are trees important? Our discussion focuses on the importance of trees to the forest habitat and the creatures living there. Learn about photosynthesis and how community levels are created within a forest. (Ages 8 and above.)
  • FOREST MANAGEMENT – Working with our senior staff naturalist, students will play the role of a forester, measuring trees, determining their value, and learning the impact of timbering on the forest. (Ages 10 and above)
  • NEW! ICKY, STICKY SCIENCE – Get your hands on science as we explore the states of matter through icky, sticky, squishy weird experiments! Join in the fun as we make slime, outrageous ooze, snow, plus much more! (Ages 5-7) This is a one-hour session
  • NEW! BUBBLE BLAST – Who doesn’t like bubbles! Learn what a bubble is, why it is round, how to measure it, predict when it will pop, blow bubbles inside bubbles, bounce bubbles, and see some bubble magic! We’ll create bubble devices, make bubble prints, and venture outside (weather permitting) to create some HUGE bubbles. It’s all about surface tension, air pressure and light. (June-August only) (Ages 5-7) This is a one-hour session


  • CREATURES OF THE NIGHT - Owls aren’t wise and bats aren’t blind! Learn fascinating facts about these animals and others many of us encounter during the night. We will then dissect owl pellets which contain valuable clues to what an owl was eating and the habitat in which it was hunting then identify the bones we find using a chart. 1.5 hrs.
  • WINTER PLANT & ANIMAL ADAPTATIONS - – The plants and animals of our area are well adapted to survive the long cold months of winter. Join us to learn the special adaptations of various plants and animal at this special time of year. One 1.5 hour session.
  • CREATING A BACKYARD WILDLIFE HABITAT - With so much of our countryside being destroyed for the purpose of building houses, we are leaving less land for our wildlife neighbors. Unfortunately, the wildlife habitat is being destroyed at an alarming rate. One way for us to help is to put back some of that habitat by creating a bit of wilderness in your backyard. In this session, we will talk about wildflower meadows, butterfly and hummingbird gardens, brush piles, and making bird and bat houses along with properly installing them, adding water and feeding the birds in winter. One 2 hour session.
  • MAMMALS OF WNY - Learn how to identify animals from the tracks they leave behind and other signs such as cuttings, droppings and smells. Study up close the skulls and skins of local mammals. One. 1.5 hour session.
  • THE HISTORY, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY OF MAPLE SUGARING - Join our senior staff naturalist as he takes you on a journey through time learning the history of maple sugaring. This slide presentation, along with authentic artifacts, will take you back to the early days of Native American sugaring camps and bring you up through time to the modern day sugar house with its modern technology. One 2 hr. session.
  • LIFE IN A BEE HIVE – Now you can satisfy your curiosity regarding one of man’s earliest, and perhaps most beneficial food crops, honey. Among the topics to be covered will be the life history of the honey bee, working with bees and managing wild swarms, the current bee die-off, and honey-producing plants and flowers. One 1.5 hour session.

NEW! The following workshop requires a room with tables (not desks), lasts approximately 90 minutes and has a fee of $25 per person for supplies/materials. (Workshop fee of $95 is waived for this program only.) This session is limited to 15 minimum of 10.

  • THE HISTORY & SCIENCE OF CHOCOLATE - With a rich history of over 3,000 years, chocolate continues to fascinate and delight people around the world. After a brief history lesson, we’ll follow the process from bean to bar and learn what makes chocolate a true delight. Learn how to taste chocolate and enjoy all its nuances. We’ll pair chocolates with wines, taste unusual gourmet chocolates from around the world, and sample various recipes made with chocolate. Please bring a small container such as a cookie tin to take home uneaten samples.

PRICING - Each workshop will last approximately 90 minutes unless specified differently. Fees are as follows: $95.00 per program in Erie County; $115.00 per program outside Erie County.

BOOKING - Reservations may be made by calling Nature Ed-Ventures at 716-479-9190. Please have an alternate date available in the event your first choice is already booked. A confirmation will be mailed securing your date and time