Nature Ed-Ventures

Nature Ed-Ventures has been formed as a partnership between Judith Thaler and Wayne Robins.

Ms. Thaler served as Director of Education/Special Programs at the Buffalo Museum of Science from 1990-2003, directing the functions of the department. She was responsible for the general administration and management of the department along with the creation, implementation, marketing and management of various educational programs including camp-ins, early childhood programs, community programs, volunteer coordination, resident outdoor education activities, scout programs, study tours and lectures. She additionally served as fiscal project manager for various grant initiatives and as Camp Director for the residential summer camp program for youth ages 8-12.

Mr. Robins has worked at the BMS in various capacities over many years as Loan Exhibit Technician and Senior Preparator while in the Exhibits Dept. During this time he frequently served as an instructor for a variety of adult education programs offered at the BMS. In 1996 he joined the Education Dept. as Senior Staff Naturalist and Site Manager for their outdoor education program site. He was responsible for the program development, preparation, coordination, presentation and evaluation of all programs in the area of natural sciences and outdoor education. Additionally he served as Assistant Camp Director for 8 years.

Both were instrumental in the design of study tours for the museum and were co-leaders on several trips for both youth and adults.

Additionally, highly qualified naturalists and educators with many years of teaching experience working with both youth and adults assist in program delivery. Each instructor has specific areas of interest and expertise and is committed to providing exceptional learning experiences.

All staff shares the philosophy that the natural world has the capacity to engender awe and wonder. As people discover this through experiences and learning, they bring to place a greater value on the environment. Respect and understanding can be fostered through a positive emotional experience in the outdoors.